School Ethos and Incredible Years

Marymount  National School was founded in 1969 by the Sisters of Mercy under the patronage of the Bishop of Meath. The Mercy Charism continues to inspire the life of the school and community.

As a Roman Catholic school we aim to promote the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil; intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual. The school promotes a philosophy of life inspired by belief in God and in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our school is part of the local community and has strong links with Holy Family Parish. In Marymount we teach the Primary School curriculum including Religious Education. The essentials of the Christian faith are explored and children are encouraged to think for themselves and to develop a personal faith by which they may later live.

Marymount Entrance

While Marymount has a Catholic ethos we give due recognition to children of other religious faiths and none. We welcome and value diversity. Inclusivity, tolerance and respect are core values in the school.

Our motto is “Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí”, which means “Praise the young and they will blossom”. Marymount is a school which aims to provide a caring, happy, well-ordered and secure learning environment where the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of its pupils are identified and addressed.

We endeavour to enhance the self esteem of everyone in the school community and strive to help each individual to achieve their full potential. We aim to prepare our pupils for their place in a modern multi-cultural society by actively promoting equality and by celebrating the diversity within our school community.

We are all working together for a better society. We welcome all children to our school. 

School facilities

  • PE Hall
  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Spacious grounds
  • Parent's room

Marymount Front View


The Incredible Years Programme

In Marymount School we are  very lucky to be able to offer The Incredible Years Programme to our pupils. The programme is designed to promote children’s social, emotional and academic skills. The programme was developed in the University of Washington in Seattle by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton. It is evidence based and proven to work. The programme has 3 main elements:

  • Teacher Classroom Management
  • Dinosaur Child Curriculum
  • Parent Training Programme

 All of our teachers are trained in Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management.  This is evident in our consistent and positive approach throughout the school Every year we run a small group “Dina School” for 6 children from 1st class. The same curriculum is delivered to all children in Senior Infants and 1st class on a whole. Using fun, life-size puppets, the Dinosaur Child Curriculum covers the following areas:

  • understanding and communicating feelings
  • using effective problem solving strategies
  • practicing friendship and conversational skills
  • appropriate classroom behaviours

Molly and Wally

Alongside this, every year we also run a Parent Training Programme which works on:

  • Effective Limit Setting and dealing with Non-compliance
  • Handling Misbehaviour
  • Preventive Approaches

We are delighted to be a part of The Genesis Programme, which is delivering Incredible Years to children, families and communities in Dundalk and Drogheda.